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Mag. DARKO JURIC, MTCM., CN. - Lifestyle coach & Nutritionist


As a lifestyle coach and nutritionist in private practice, with over 30 years of ex- perience, I have trained and worked with renowned professionals, pioneers and leaders in the field of holistic medicine including: Rudolph Ballentine, Robert Sorge, William Block, Robert Bradford and many others. I am interested in teaching clients ab- out their unique individuality, biochemistry, psychology and the role of diet and nutrition.

I worked as a lifestyle coach, nutritionist, TCM practitioner, plant-based culinary consultant, writer and educator. After spending almost twenty years in the USA I moved to Europe to open one of the first raw food restaurants in Europe. I have ap- peard on numerous TV and radio shows on the subject of holistic lifestyle and food.

Education and Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in acupuncture and botanical medicine from the top-ranked Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California.
  • Bachelor of Arts from Vermont College at Norwich University, Vermont specialized in Holistic health.
  • “Certified Nutrition Specialist” with advanced training in Darko Field Microscopy from the American Health Science University, Colorado.


Holistic consultation

I offer a comprehensive consulting and recommendations tailor to your specific individual needs. I listen to your story and then adapt the recommendations according to your specific issues and using your individual strengths and resources. I assist clients to explore all aspects of their lives from personal, relational, physical, spiritual, mental, financial, and career, to create and find balance, well-being, and satisfaction in life. I incorporate and teach mindfulness, relaxation and breathing techniques, dietary recommendati- ons, and stress management to most of my clients. The client is expected to take an active role in this process and to work as a team with the me to eliminate destructive habits and ways of thinking.


Live Blood Analysis & Darkfield Microscopy

Blood is a living, vital bodily fluid tissue that is only briefly visually assessed during normal blood tes- ting. A closer inspection on fasting blood shows many additional facets of health including reflecti- ons on nutrient absorption, digestion, detoxification, immune status, essential fatty acid balances, liver function, clotting and more. A simple pinprick on the finger is all that is needed to gain access to the intriguing world of you inner biochemistry. You can watch your own cells on the monitor as your consultant assesses the quality and gives instruction on areas where you can make changes.


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