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Lifestyle Coaching & Live Blood Analysis


Zeit & Kosten

Time 15 min. - 60 min.
Price 1750€

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Our lifestyle coaching assist you to explore all aspects of your lives from personal, relational, physical, spiritual, mental, financial, and career, to create and find balance, well-being, and satisfaction in life.

It incorporate and teaches:
· mindfulness · relaxation and · breathing techniques · dietary recommendations · stress management

You are expected to take an active role in this process and to work as a team with our Lifestyle coach to eliminate destructive habits and ways of thinking.


Live Blood Analysis & Darkfield Microscopy

A closer inspection on fasting blood shows many additional facets of health including

reflections on: · nutrient absorption · immune status · liver function · digestion · detoxification · essential fatty acid balances · clotting and more

A simple pinprick on the finger is all that is needed to gain access to the intriguing world of your inner biochemistry. You can watch your own cells on the monitor as your consultant assesses the quality and gives instruction on areas where you can make changes.

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